Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read our Terms and Conditions before placing an order. We have deliberately tried to keep them brief and to the point so they are easily understood.


  • If a cake is cancelled more than 5 days prior to collection, we will issue a full refund. Otherwise, on cakes cancelled with 5 or fewer days days to go before collection, we do not issue refunds.


Contact Details

  • As part of the order process, you will be required to provide a contact email address and daytime contact telephone number. We cannot be held responsible if incorrect details are provided or there is a fault with connection of either email or telephone that is outwith our control, leads to us being unable to contact you if there is a problem or a query with your order. Please therefore be careful to ensure you provide us with accurate contact details.

Corrections and Complaints

  • In the unlikely event that a correction or repair is needed for a cake, we will usually be able to make the correction on the same day. You are required to give us the opportunity to make such a repair or correction, and need to let us know of the problem when you collect the cake.
  • We take all complaints very seriously. If you experience any problem with a cake, any complaint must be made within three working days of receipt of the cake, and part or all of the cake must be returned to us to allow an investigation into the causes of your complaint prior to arranging suitable compensation.
  • The maximum refund we offer is the value of the cake. Further compensation is not available.
  • Please note that the outcome of a complaint is dependent on their being in breach of your Statutory Consumer Rights or our Terms and Conditions as stated here.


Variation in Decoration

  • The Create A Cake part of our website offers the opportunity to use your own photograph to decorate the cake, and add an appropriate message for the celebration. This generates a picture on the screen which closely approximates the way your ordered cake will look. It is not however an exact match, as each cake is individually made, and there is slight variation between the relative porportions of the different cake sizes available. This may mean that the photograph may be cropped slightly differently than shown. We will however always try and match the cake as close as is possible to the image cake image you view onscreen before ordering.
  • Every computer displays colours slightly differently. As a result, we cannot guarantee that colours represented in the finished cake you order will exactly match what you see on your computer screen.
  • Cakes produced through our Create A Cake facility involve the use of edible coloured dyes to reproduce your photograph or picture. By their very nature edible dyes will vary slightly in hue and intensity from colours shown on screen or the colours produced by most desktop printers. The mini slide show shown on your screen to the right of the Create A Cake order pages show real Create A Cake finished cakes made using edible dyes.


Explicit Photographs Or Messages

  • We reserve the right to refuse to process orders that include customer supplied photographs or messages which may be held to be offensive either in subject matter or reference. This is particularly important as younger staff work both in our cake department and in our shops, and we have a duty to ensure they are protected. Should we find an image or message potentially offensive, we will email you and offer you the opportunity to change the order.


Storage of Cake

  • Though cake may last considerably longer, we cannot be held responsible for any cake which stales or moulds outwith the recommended "use by" of 5 days from purchase (for Sponge, Madeira, Chocolate, Carrot, Toffee or Lemon Cake), 10 days for Sultana Cake and 5 weeks for Rich Dark Fruit. Please remember not to store your cake in a refrigerator after purchase as this will cause it to stale much quicker than under ambient conditions.